We want our customers to love their at home lashes just as much as we do, so here's some answers to our most frequently asked questions!


What’s the difference between Bad Gal and other lashes?

Bad Gal specializes in extended wear lashes, so our lashes are created for up to 5 days of continuous wear, much like lash extensions. Each box has 2 weeks of lashes for half the price of even the most inexpensive of fills.


What’s the price differential between BGL and salon lash extensions?

Salon lash extensions can vary anywhere between $100-$250 for a full set and $50-80 for a fill as the industry standard. Bad Gal lashes are $24.99 for 3 separate sets and give a cumulative 2 weeks of wear time.


How many lashes come in a box?

3 pairs of lashes come in every box; resulting in ~15 days of wear time with correct lash application.


How do I apply these?

Application along the underside of the natural lashes garners the best results by improving longevity, creating a comfortable fit, and seamless look. Look on our IGTV and Instagram Highlights for in-depth application tutorials!


Pro-tips for application!

  • Before application, lightly pinch and pull at the lash base to remove any excess packaging glue left on lashes.
  • Apply glue and let it become tacky.
  • Start with one eye at a time, and start with the outer corners.
  • Apply lashes underneath, and as close to the lash line as possible,
  • Using fingers or tweezers, be sure to push lashes closer into lash line to ensure they are adhered.
  • After applying, be sure to keep hands from eyes so the glue can cure properly.
  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours!


What glue should I use?

Bad Gal has partnered with a waterproof, multiday-wear glue company, GladGirl. To ensure the lashes provide extended wear, we highly recommend purchasing the preferred glue as well on our website.

Pro tip: Giving the glue time to get very tacky before use is key: waiting ~2-3 minutes once the glue is on the band before application can make the adherence easier.


After-care tips:

Once your lashes are applied and you exceed the 24-hr no water period, you can treat them exactly like lash extensions! These lashes are sweat-proof and water-proof, so you can be free to be the Bad Gal you're meant to be!

*Especially when applying makeup with lashes, be sure to use an oil-free cleanser to wash lashes when necessary!


Will BGL damage my natural lashes?

When applied and removed correctly, Bad Gal Lashes are non-damaging. Traditional lash extensions are notorious for contributing to lash thinning and breakage, so this is a great alternative to those who are trying to grow out their damaged lashes.


How to properly remove:

To remove our lashes without any damage, be sure to use an oil, oil-based cleanser, or micellar water on the lash line to loosen the glue. If there is any tension, please be sure to add more product and/or wait longer until the glue is softened. Lashes should be able to removed easily and with no damage when removed properly!


How Does the Subscription Service Work? 

By opting into our subscription service, our lashes will be sent every other week, or every month for a reduced price of $16.99. The subscription service is available for a minimum of two deliveries.


Can I Switch Lash Styles Under My Subscription?

Yes! When purchasing a subscription, the lash style initially chosen will be sent again automatically, so if you would like to switch up lash styles, be sure to contact us and let us know!


Can I Cancel My Subscription?

The subscription service can be edited, paused, or cancelled at any time!