Better than Soap? We Tested The Best Reviewed Fluffy Brow Products

In the age of social media and clickbait beauty bites, brow trends in recent times have been quite .... interesting to say the least. From squiggly brows to bleached brows and everything in between, a lot of these trends have been short lived. However, fluffy brows, or previously referred to as soap brows, have taken the beauty community by storm, and have had a heavy influence on the makeup girlies these days.


With the fluffy brow trend, it initially started off with soap brows where users would use soap to brush the brow hairs up to give the appearance of a fuller and thicker brow. Then, it elevated into brow lamination for a longer lasting fluffy brow effect. As the fluffy brow technology advances, we (thankfully) now have more products on the market that help to achieve the fluffy brow effect.


We tried some of the best and trendiest fluffy brow products on the market and here are our thoughts!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze


Find the ABH Brow Freeze Here:



So for starters, the ABH Brow Freeze is definitely a cool concept. It has a waxy texture that definitely gives a nice lift to the brow hairs. It gives the fluffy brow look without being stiff or leaving any residue.



At a price point of $23, it is the priciest item on this list, and also has the smallest amount of product. In addition to that, since it is waxy, it seems to be oil-based, which seems to effect the strength of the hold, especially in this Florida summer heat.


P.S. **whispering** Honestly.. it's literally edge control. Like it's quite literally edge control. If you want our real unbiased opinion, we recommend getting the KISS X Saweetie edge control, or any type of edge control, really. Edge control will give the same effect and for wayy cheaper.


More on this at the end:


Next, we have the NYX Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler: 


NYX Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler


Find the NYX Brow Glue Here:

Out of all of these products, this one wow'd us the most! We appreciate that the brow brush applicator is already included with the product, so it's easy for on-the-go use. Also, even though the tube is on the smaller side, a little definitely goes a long way and for only $8, you do get a good bang for your buck! In terms of staying power, it has a great hold! Our brows felt secure, and because the finish is transparent, it gives a natural, matte finish.




The only downside would be the size of the product.



Our last and final product however, is somewhat tried and true, Got2Be Hair Glue. 


Got2Be Hair Gel


Find the Got2Be Spiking Glue Here:


Now, let's be real here: most beauty products can and SHOULD be used as multipurpose products and we know this one isn't marketed as a brow product, but when it comes to using something with great hold and sheen, this gets it all done without having to get a separate product. 


Like Anastasia claims to be, Got2Be is water resistant, smudge proof, and easy to get from any beauty supply or Walgreens. 


Cons: If you have the regular yellow bottle on hand, the size can be too large for a standard makeup bag


Overall, this test reaffirmed what we already have known to be true: 

If it's not broke, don't fix it


Neither of the two dedicated brow products, ABH Brow Freeze or the NYX Brow Glue, really worked any differently than the gel... or even edge control for that matter. 


What do you think? Do you use a dedicated brow gel regularly? Let us know in the comments below!




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