Better than Cheek Filler: Facial Cupping

We'd like to start this off by saying, we know firsthand how often people overstate new beauty trends, claiming everything is the newest, quickest, & cheapest new hack to help us become 10 years younger, 20 lbs skinnier, and 30 dollars poorer. Believe us when we say, we're TIRED too. We created the blog, lovingly referred to as the Blizzy, as a way to SILENCE toxic beauty ideas and remain SILENT on anything not worth its salt.


With that being said, if you're like us and are constantly trying to shape shift into your highest self every 3-5 business days and if you've also caught the insatiable itch for just a few mL's of Juvederm, let us stop you in your tracks and try something a little more natural (and quite a bit cheaper) first.

Let's talk facial cupping!

Within the same realm of the Gua Sha, facial cupping takes this concept of facial sculpting several steps forward because not only does it act as a way to reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage in the face, but stimulates new collagen production! Generally speaking, collagen is the major protein of the skin that makes the skin plumper and more elastic in all the right places.

Key words here being 'all the right places'. We cupped our lips, cheekbones, and jawline over several days, the results even after one use are quite literally dramatic: See below:

Now we want to preface, this is obviously not a new or novel idea, (we're certainly not trying to recreate the wheel here) this is a tried and true ancient practice performed for centuries to prevent wrinkles, increase firmness . If you've heard of body cupping therapy before, facial cupping is very similar, although the technique slightly differs to prevent any bruising that is a normal staple of body cupping. Normally practiced by an acupuncturist, facial cupping requires that the cups are suctioned to the face and then glided across the skin.

Find the 5-Piece $10 Cupping Set We Used Here.

How to Cup:

  1. Apply a light oil or moisturizer to the skin. This step is important as we want to make sure the cups can glide with ease
  2. Squeeze the cup and suction it to the face. Using your free hand, hold the skin taut, move the cup gently, sweeping it across desired areas. Getting the pressure right is key here, as you don't want it to be too rough or too light where it won't suction. For increased volume on a specific area, we leave the cup stagnant and suctioned in place an additional 3-5 seconds.
  3. Keep your pace slow! This process may take upwards of 10-15 minutes, depending on desired result.
  4. When finished, cleanse cups with a little soap and water and leave them to air dry for next use.

While cupping, please keep in mind to be gentle with your skin. Cupping uses suction to promote all of these amazing benefits, but it can also easily bruise your skin if not used carefully. If you start to feel discomfort at any time, apply less suction, apply more moisturizer, or discontinue use.

Similarly to the Gua Sha, cupping needs to be done regularly in order to produce long-lasting results. On the bright side, we found that the results from cupping were more dramatic than the Gua Sha, so it may not have to be used as frequently.

For super-snatched, Bella Hadid, face-lifted features, using the Gua Sha in combination with cupping may be something to consider. Or maybe overkill. I guess we'll let you be the judge of that.

Here's our tiktok with our results! 

All in all, for $6, this cupping set UNDERSTOOD the assignment and did what she had to do. Purrr.

Let us know if you'd be willing to try!


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